Leading New Trends in International Business Cooperation and Development

Strive to build a globally competitive mineral and energy integration supplier and industry comprehensive service provider

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Company Introduction

Tekuang Energy Group Limited is an international energy and mineral company headquartered in Hong Kong, China. We specialize in the development, production, trade, and comprehensive services of minerals and energy, with rich experience and technology. We collaborate with high-quality suppliers from around the world, including countries and regions such as Kenya, Australia, Ghana, Uganda, Brazil, Waterwick Zambia, Russia, etc., continuously expanding our global trade network to meet the various needs of customers in different regions. Our mission is to establish a global interconnected energy and mineral product trading platform, strive to create globally competitive mineral and energy integration suppliers and industry comprehensive service providers, and lead the new trend of international business cooperation and development.

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Sustainable development /Sustainable development

Continuous practice is crucial for ensuring the long-term prosperity of Tekuang Energy and ensuring that Tekuang Energy remains one of the global integrated product companies for production, processing, and trade in the global energy and mineral markets.

The concept of 'sustainability' provides a perspective for our relationships with stakeholders. It enables companies to consider how social and environmental issues affect their business, and is the driving force behind the special mining energy strategy.

Sustainability factors are becoming increasingly important for specialty mining energy as they aim to balance profitability, environmental protection, and the growth and prosperity of the region in which they operate.

As our work progresses and our control measures for ESG data mature, our values and work standards are embedded throughout the entire supply chain.

Our full concentration

Dedicated to advancing, manufacturing, trading, and delivering complete solutions for minerals and energy.


What do we have

  • Production and processing

    Production and processing

    Advanced equipment and technology for uninterrupted environmental mining, customized and diversified services

  • Mineral products

    Mineral products

    Our vision is to become a "world-class metal and mineral enterprise group with global competitiveness"

  • Energy


    We have established long-term strategic partnerships with multiple internationally renowned energy companies. Enhance the overall oil and gas supply capacity

  • import and export trade

    import and export trade

    Building a global trade platform with high-quality suppliers from around the world and providing the highest quality resources

With a strong focus on the development, production, and trade of energy and mineral products, Tekuang Energy is committed to diversification and maintaining a robust marketing network. We prioritize our customers' needs, relying on our vast resources to ensure uninterrupted production and operation. Additionally, we actively provide value-added services to further enhance our customers' experiences. Our aim is to provide continuous product supply, competitive prices, and minimal risk, making Tekuang Energy the preferred cooperative enterprise group for high-quality global services.


Main products

Crude oil, refined oil, natural gas, mineral products

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