Business Area

Mineral Products and Energy Development

We have a professional team that possesses advanced mining products and energy development technology. Be adaptable to nature and know how to take care of it. Adhering to the combination of domestic and overseas resources, continuously improving global resource acquisition and integration capabilities, deepening exploration layout, focusing on building a large-scale, long-lived, and low-cost world-class resource portfolio, closely following the trend of global energy utilization transformation, and introducing first-class technology. We are committed to providing customers with mineral products and energy that meet their special requirements. We are customer-centric, deeply understand customer needs, provide professional technical support and solutions, and create greater value for customers.

  • Production and processing

    We have advanced production and processing technology and equipment, which can provide customers with customized processing and production services. We are based on customer needs, fully tapping into customer value, and providing customers with diverse choices and customized services. We are always committed to providing customers with higher quality and more efficient production and processing services.

  • import and export trade

    We have the advantage of sourcing goods from multiple countries and regions worldwide, allowing you to easily meet the needs of customers in different regions. We provide various trade methods such as bulk trade and spot trading, and a comprehensive supply chain service business system. We strive to create a globally competitive metal and mineral integration supplier and industry comprehensive service provider, allowing your energy and mineral products to flow smoothly globally.

  • Mineral products

    我们提供广泛的矿产品,包括铁矿石、煤炭、铬、钴、镍 等多种品种。资源量位列全球第一梯队。我们拥有丰富的矿产品开发经验,我们以客户需求为中心,提供一流的技术支持和解决方案,可以为客户量身定制符合其特殊要求的矿产品方案。为客户提供优质的矿产品服务,创造共同的价值。

  • international trade


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